24H West

25th of May 2024 | 15:00pm – 20:00pm 

Whether you are creative or sporty, love music, architecture or good food and drinks, are laid-back or eager to learn, there is something everyone can experience during 24 Hours. On Saturday, 25 May 2024, 24 Hours returns to Amsterdam West. Explore the neighbourhood for the first time or discover the hidden gems you never knew existed! Watch this page for the schedule, local tips, and themed routes.


On our rooftop terrace, you can come play shuffleboard with XXL shuffleboards, enjoy the sun and the view over Amsterdam. There will be a live DJ and a 24H West menu with special prices. Of course, we also serve the regular menu!


24H West Menu


The Gipan cocktail | €10

spicy – fresh – sweet and sour


FL17 Classic burger | €12.5

Green Egg BBQ