Our Secret Ingredient is the View


Munch away on the 17th floor with striking city views. Nibble your way through a tasty lunch or check out the eveningʼs vibe as you sit down for a meal together as the night gets started. There is something for everyone on our menu and we host amazing events like DJ nights or smooth jazz evenings. Floor17 is the place to be for a sky-high experience.


Cocktail Bar Amsterdam - Leonardo Hotel Rembrandtpark

Cocktail bar

Sip, slurp and savor the daring flavors that our expert bartenders create. Pick something vibrant from our menu that blends distinct ingredients into stand-out cocktails or choose a tried-and-tested classic that is muddled and shaken to perfection.

Rooftop terrace Amsterdam


Enjoy the view every day until 10:00pm, our rooftop terrace enjoys the same opening hours as our restaurant when the Amsterdam weather is at its finest.

Rooftop Restaurant - Floor17


Go up to the 19th floor to enjoy a drink with city views while the DJ is working the decks. Amsterdamʼs highest rooftop terrace, 85m above ground level, will make you the life of the party. Have a look at what is on the agenda!