This is your chance to take your artwork to a sky high level. 

After Rooftop curling, ice skating and ice hockey, Floor17 is introducing Rooftop Shuffleboard! 

With XXL Shuffleboards on the roof of the Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark, we are reinventing the traditional Dutch game. 

Would you like to see your design exhibited and become one of our 5 designers with a custom shuffleboard? Send your design to for a chance to win a fully catered night of shuffleboard for you and 10 friends, including dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel. 

Submissions will be open until September 15th. 


Design guidelines

  • Het design needs to be printable on the shuffleboard to maintain a smooth board for shuffling. 

  • Are you one of our winners? Then you and our team will work together to customize one of the XXL shuffleboards with your design. The shuffleboards are all different, from boards with a corner to obstacle boards. Your design will need to be applied accordingly.